Behold, the ​newest user-created official Lego set, voted by thousands of users around the world as part of Lego's Cuusoo initiative. This Lego Space Exo Suit is a really beautiful and fun design by Peter Reid, one of the authors of the great book ​Lego Space: Building the Future.

It's a fantastic addition to any official Lego space set, especially the classic ones from the late 70s. It'd also work incredibly well with a custom Alien-themed set. I can totally see a Ripley minifig battling a xenomorph in one of these bad boys.

According to Lego: “The detail makes it come alive and it’s easy to imagine it working in a shuttle-bay, a team of them constructing a space-station, or engaged in an epic mecha battle.”


Huge congratulations to Peter Reid on this incredible achievement! You should also check out his awesome Lego Space book, which is coming out soon.

The Exo Suit model will be available in stores in mid-2014. Just look at all those greebles!

Here's the official announcement:

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