It's Ok To Be a Crazy Cat Person When All Your Felines Are Robots

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Most people look down on what's become known as 'crazy cat people' but it has less to do with the state of their mental health, and more about the impossible task of keeping a house full of felines clean. But what if those cats didn't need a litter box, never destroyed the furniture, and were immune to hair balls? That's why Spin Master's new robotic Zoomer Kitty is so wonderful, it promises to give a good name to crazy cat ladies everywhere.


Zoomer Kitty is a continuation of the Zoomer line that already has a remarkably lifelike dog, and a talented self-balancing two-legged dinosaur in it. But instead of just swapping in a longer tail, pointy ears, and whiskers, Spin Master has actually advanced the Zoomer line with its new robo-cat.

Available later this year, the $100 Zoomer Kitty comes packed full of touch, audio, and visual sensors that allow it to follow voice commands, respond to physical gestures, and even follow you with its moving eyes. Like with the original Zoomer dog, Zoomer Kitty can be taught tricks. But since it's a cat, it's far more interested in physical interactions. And with a dedicated motor that generates a realistic purring sensation, even dog lovers won't mind obliging it. [Spin Master Toys]


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