This RC Dino Balances On Two Rolling Feet Like a Prehistoric Segway

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Raising the question of whether Dean Kamen actually invented the Segway, or just discovered it at an archaeological dig, Spin Master's newest robo-pet Boomer is a remote control dinosaur that self-balances on a set of wheeled feet, terrorizing anyone you tell it to.

With sound effects, light-up eyes, a swinging tail, and a moving head that occasionally bites, Boomer is designed to be slightly more possessive than a robot dog. Using its on-board sensors, or the included dinosaur egg-shaped remote, it will stand guard ready to scare off intruders when detected, or simply race around your living room at a surprisingly brisk pace. But those same sensors also help it avoid crashing head first into a wall.


When raised from extinction sometime this fall, Boomer will sell for around $100. And while Jurassic Park has made a strong case against bringing dinosaurs back to life, this is easier to subdue than a smart velociraptor since you can simply yank out its AA batteries. [Spin Master]