It's the apocalypse, Pinoy-style, in the soap opera Genesis

Check out a teaser for Genesis, the apocalyptic romance TV show that just aired its first episode in the Philippines. Filipino heartthrob Dingdong Dantes stars as a military officer tasked with saving the Vice President after a global disaster.


Judging from the plot description in the Manila Standard, Genesis sounds pretty soapy — Dantes' character, Isaak, has a love child with Raquel, whose husband is a cruel tyrant. Also the President of the Republic, Sandra Sebastian-Trinidad, will sacrifice anything for the sake of her country — but she has to contend with the "cruel, manipulative and dishonest former President," Ramona. And the Vice President is the President's father. There's also a journalist investigating the secret Project: Genesis, and a cruel warden who makes Isaak's life miserable. The over-arching thread of the series is the quest for love in the face of the looming destruction of the Earth.

In any case, it's interesting to see how these post-apocalyptic themes and images are portrayed in other cultures, and let's hope Genesis finds its way to the U.S. in some form.


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