It's the New Microsoft: Company Files 'Hot Or Not' Software Patent

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My, how things have changed since Bill Gates left Microsoft. Case in point: The company filed a patent for a "Hot or Not" interface that allows viewers to rate "fashion and other personal appearance decisions."

From the "Online Personal Appearance Adviser" patent abstract:

The contributor uploads self images for viewing and rating (or voting) by viewers who choose provide an opinion on different fashion and/or cosmetic looks of the contributor. The contributor takes images show the contributor presented with a number (e.g., two) of different fashion choices. The snapshots can then be processed for upload to a website or other accessible location by one or more viewers. The viewers can cast a vote for one of the images by selecting the desired image, in response to which the viewer and/or contributor will be presented with overall statistics for that set of images as to how other viewers voted, as well as a next set of photos depicting the user in a different fashion and/or cosmetic choice. This process can continue until terminated.


After reading this today I can't help but have this sinking suspicion that Project Natal will be silently judging and rating me as I wave my arms and legs about like a jackass. If it ever really comes out on a widespread commercial level, that is (Surface *cough*). [Patent Application via Slashdot]