The wonderful ‘80s flick The NeverEnding Story wasn’t exactly a blockbuster when it hit theaters decades ago, and that means that finding memorabilia from the film these days isn’t easy. There’s an army of crafters on Etsy that are happy to scratch your nostalgic itches, though, it’s just too bad that GameGuardians only opens orders for these perfect plush Falkor toys once a month.


Hand-made from three different types of faux fur, the four-foot long half-dragon/half-Muppet also has custom sculpted eyes and a wire frame inside allowing it to hold poses. Metallic fabric glitter paint is used to give Falkor’s fur a perfect scale-like effect, and while you can’t ride him, it’s still large enough to serve as a comfy pillow.

Unfortunately, Etsy-seller GameGuardians only accepts orders for Falkor once a month, and they obviously sell out fast. So if you want one you’ll need to be quick on the draw with your credit card once June arrives. [Etsy via Nerd Approved]

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