J.J. Abrams' Steampunk Cryo-Chamber

Whoever designed Forever Young's 1939 cryogenic chamber, with its brass valves and pipes, totally deserves an award. One of J.J. Abrams' first scripts, Young is about a test pilot (Mel Gibson) whose girlfriend goes into a coma. Gibson can't stand to watch his fiancee deteriorate with only Glenn Miller for musical accompaniment, so he asks to be frozen until such time as the Smiths can write the song "Girlfriend In A Coma." He's found 50 years later by Elijah Wood and his mom, Jamie Lee Curtis, who randomly take care of him. And then, after his cryo-youth "wears off" (huh?), he's finally reunited with coma-girl. But really, this clip is the only cool moment in the film. The weird montage over the faceless scientists' voices almost seems like a moment from Lost.


Ed Grabianowski

Apparently my mind went forward in time so I would know to drop a Smiths reference in the Horrorhead article.