James Bond's Sony Ericsson C902 Cybershot to go Public

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Sometimes the strangest part of writing for Giz is decoding press releases: like this morning's Sony Ericsson one. Did they leave out an image of the upcoming special limited-edition C902 Cybershot James Bond phone to add to the mystery? Is it supposed to be kinda secret, à la Bond himself? Who knows: luckily T3 snagged a picture of the "titanium silver" phone. 007 himself uses it in the movie Quantum of Solace, and you can get your hands on one too. Hardware-wise the phone is unchanged from the 5-megapixel camera original, but will come with 007-themed content, including a "spy-style" game. Quite how this makes sure you're "ready for any challenge" I'm not sure. It's a mystery. As is price and release date. Blimey, Sony Ericsson's really good at this cloak-and-dagger stuff isn't it? [Sony Ericsson and T3]


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I love SE's, but jumpin' Jehosaphat can they be pricey. I'll stick with the slightly cheaper walkmans, but I do like the sound of that 5mp Cybershot. I know megapixels aren't everything, but these actually take good images.