James Cameron's Avatar Universe Expands Into Comics

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Because three sequels filmed back to back was not enough Avatar content to sate the public’s massive demand, James Cameron has announced that there will also be a number of Avatar comics.


You can see Cameron’s video below, but the part that stands out to us is the idea that the series will cover “the time before, during, and after the events of the original Avatar film.” That’s all of time. Literally, every point of time that touches the first movie is an avenue for exploration.

Before—fine, sure, prequel the shit out of this. People might want to know about that, I guess. During—are you saying there was stuff left out of the film? My god. After—we’re getting three sequels. I’m assuming that “after” means between the movie and the sequels. Otherwise the sequels just got even more pointless.

Four movies, a comic book series, and a theme park. We are going to know everything about Pandora, if James Cameron has to come to every person’s house individually and deliver a lecture.

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Zach Miller

Am I the only one who was completely underwhelmed by Avatar? Who wants all these sequels and tie-in stories? Every time somebody mentions Avatar, I'm like "oh yeah, that was a thing."