James Cameron's Next Big Science Fiction Movie Is "Fantastic Voyage"

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Scratch those dreams of James Cameron directing a version of Seven Samurai in space — his new mystery project with Shane Salermo isn't the Samurai riff, and Cameron's not directing it.


MTV managed to ask Cameron about reports that he and veteran screenwriter Salermo were collaborating on a new film, and he explained that it's not Salermo's Kurosawa-themed unproduced screenplay Doomsday Protocol. Rather, Cameron is producing a Salermo-scripted remake of Fantastic Voyage, in which a team of scientists shrinks themselves and goes inside an assassinated diplomat, on the brink of death, to perform emergency surgery on a blood clot in his brain.

As MTV points out, this remake could have way better special effects than the original — although Raquel Welch surely counts as a special effect. And also the improved special effects could be a double-edged sword, since the temptation to focus on cool animations of leukocytes instead of actual story could be pretty overwhelming. Plus, it couldn't possibly be as great as these gems:

James Cameron's Next Big Science Fiction Movie Is "Fantastic Voyage"