Japanese Develop "Tangible 3D" Glove

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We all knew those tacky 3D shades were just the beginning. A Japanese company is claiming to have ditched the geeky glasses and developed realistic 3D imaging technology that, when coupled with their sensor-packed glove, allows you to see and feel images. Yes, you can finally get your mitts on those crazy characters you've been swiping at since you were a kid. It gets crazier:

The "tangible 3D" system allows users to be connected and transformed into 3D images in real-time. If you're holding hands with the virtual representation of your spuse and he or she walks off screen, apparently your hand will feel the tug as s/he leaves your pseudo-grasp. The developer, NTT Comware, is reportedly exploring commercialization options including video phones, but there are limitless possibilities out there for this kind of technology. The gaming industry, internet pornography sites and museums are a few of the potentially big buyers, but time will tell if this is truly a revolutionary breakthrough or just another gimmick destined for cereal boxes in the near future. [Yahoo News]

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@Windhawk: Yeah, Lanier was involved in developing something like this for JPL in the early 80's for "grabbing" satellites, actually... was almost exactly like this but with a sorta steam-puke flare and a robotic arm that looked like it could rip your hand off and hit you over the head with it... oh, and analog potentiometers the size of Krispy Kremes...

Glad to see this tech will used for more practical applications like yank on you virtual boy friend's yang and squeezing your virtual girl friends mangos over the intertubes while astronuts are still using those antiquated joysticks to tuck the heat shields back into their state-of-the-art Space Shuttle cowlings.

Now, if they could use this to defuse improvised killing devices in Iraqistanajani or feed AngelPitts' next starving adoptee in Madagascar, that WOULD be cool.