Japanese Version of Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Offer Butt-Wiping Luxury

Now that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is no longer under wraps, airlines around the world are figuring out how to make it even more luxurious. Not to be outdone is Japan's All Nippon Airways, which will equip its bathrooms with bun-spraying washlet toilets from Toto. The seats have special bidet wands that wash and dry your butt, giving you a degree of cleanliness that's otherwise impossible unless you just take a shower.


Representatives of All Nippon Airways eagerly anticipate the May 2008 date when the company begins accepting delivery on its fifty 787 Dreamliners ordered from Boeing, boasting that the fancy-schmancy toilets will "refresh the parts other airlines cannot reach." These washlet devices are commonplace in Japan, and are starting to make inroads Stateside. We can only hope that someday we Americans might catch up in the cleanliness department, joining the scrubbed ranks of the squeaky clean-assed Japanese.

Japan's New Toilets Wash, Dry... and Fly! [Inventor Spot]

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