Japan's insane Marvel Super Heroes anime/disk game is hilariously awful

We've told you about Marvel Super Heroes: Disk Wars, the anime series and about its Pokémon-esque, accompanying collectible disk game, that it's basically just a commercial for. But did you know the game itself is basically pogs?


Bandai has released this promo for the anime along with instructions on how the game, called Bachicombat, works, and hoo boy. Here's how Anime News Network explained it:

To start a game of Bachicombat, each player assembles one to three Smash DISKs and sets up four Defense DISKs on his or her side of the playing field. After deciding who should attack first, the battle starts. Player 1 chooses one of the Smash DISKs, calls out the DISK's character ("Smash with Iron Man's Tech Lv. 2!! D-Smash!!"), and throws down the DISK against Player 2's Defense DISKs.

The objective of the game is to flip the other player's Defense DISKs. It is hard to flip a Defense DISK by striking its center, so the video advices players to aim for the corners. A player loses a DISK if it is flipped over. A player wins if his or her opponent has no more DISKs.

Literally the only differences between Bachicombat and pogs are that you don't stack Bachicombat disks before you start slamming them, and the discs are engineered to flip a bit easier than if they were just cardboard.

So it's clear that Marvel Super Heroes: Disk Wars is for little kids, but I don't know — I have a hard time imagining that even four-year-olds in this day and age are going to be too excited about playing a game whose pieces look like they weren't good enough to be the prize in a box of cereal.


Chosen Undead

Ah, pogs. Those things I used to collect, but never actually played the damned "game." True of most of my school friends at the time as well.

I know we're not talking about pogs, here, but I see this taking a similar path. Did anyone actually play that game, or did they just collect? Curious to know.