Jason Bateman Will Potentially Do It With the Candlestick in the Ballroom for Fox's Clue Movie (the 'It' Being Murder)

He could also do it with an Emmy, I guess.
He could also do it with an Emmy, I guess.
Photo: Frazer Harrison / Staff (Getty Images)

What else could it have been? Other than a litany of other potential murder weapons and/or murder locations, that is.


Deadline reports that the Ozark star is currently in talks to direct and potentially co-star—alongside Deadpool/Detective Pikachu himself, Ryan Reynolds—in a new adaptation of the beloved board game for Hasbro’s Allspark Productions at Fox (née Disney). Both Bateman and Reynolds will also work on the script for the movie, which will, presumably, be about a murder at a fancy estate where a cast of wonderfully color-coordinated potential killers must figure out who offed who with what, and where. Meanwhile Reynolds will produce through his Maximum Effort banner alongside Hasbro.

It’s no surprise that Hasbro is moving full steam ahead with the adaptation—which there have been murmurs around for years at this point—given it’s already fully intent on turning as many of its toy properties as it can, from G.I. Joe to Magic: The Gathering, into transmedia ventures. But, even with Bateman being potentially on board, the real mystery of Clue so far is not who killed Mr. Boddy (or Doctor Black, as it is in the superior UK version of the game, Cluedo), but can you already improve on the perfection that is the 1985 movie?

We’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

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For a second, the headline made me think Bateman was into some kinky stuff.