Jason Chen, Asian to the Max, Gets Interviewed

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We usually like to give props when one of our own goes out of the fenced-in Gizmodo area for an interview with another news source. For example, Charlie has been interviewed by everyone and their dog. And today is Jason Chen's lucky day. The automobile blog, Jalopnik has decided to interview him. No, it isn't for his expertise on the Zune or anything else technologically related. It is for his expertise of being an Asian-American. Click the link below to see Jason Chen decipher the meaning behind an Asian-heavy Ford ad.


Ad Watch: Do Asian-Americans Like To Live On The Edge, Make Bold Weddings Happen Every Day? [Jalopnik]



What a mindfuck, that. Hot chicks, fast cars, and getting it on with hot chicks in fast cars = tried and true. Then they went and fucked it all up my throwing in marriage and ixnaying the in-car nasty for some gay frolicking on the beach in non-revealing swimwear. I couldn't tell what I was supposed to think here. That the happy couple in question just tossed off a quick wedding to keep the old folks happy, and now it's back to re-enacting the opening scenes of Baywatch all day? That any self-respecting Asian-American girl who finally married her dream dentist/accountant/other similar boring professional would just toss away a $1500 veil without so much as a backward glance? To me the commercial says "The EDGE! Get this car if you are an upwardly mobile conservative professional who wants to fake like a gangsta for five minutes every now and then. For the hip-hop accountant in you." As far as the Asian targeting, the only "Asian" themes I got were heavy handed and clumsily applied : big smiling happy family, conservatism, and the color red. It was like watching Jenna Jameson talk about NAFTA in a severe pantsuit and with no makeup. Getting mixed messages and not liking any of it. Fuck you Ford, stick to making cars and advertising them as such, not as fucking weird-ass lifestyle choices for minorities as envisioned by some whitebread corporate marketing executive.