Jaw-Dropping Super Slow-Motion Footage of the World's Scariest Wave

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Tahiti is home not only to a million resorts, but also to the deadliest wave in the world. Known as "The End of the Road", it is the stuff of hydraulic nightmares, and this new footage is absolutely jaw-dropping.

This footage was shot with one of our favorite toys: the super slow motion camera by Phantom. If watching the top 32 surfers in the world eat shit and do cartwheels down the face of a wave in slo-mo is wrong, then I don't wanna be right. (Watch both of these vids in full-screen, if you know what's good for ya.)


The wave is called Teahupoo, and while it can't equal waves like Mavericks or Jaws in height, it arguably trumps them in power. Instead of turning the wave's power into height, Teahupoo channels that power into thickness. Waves at most surf spots look like humps in the water. When waves at Teahupoo get big they basically have no back, so when you fall on one, it feels as if the power of the whole ocean is steamrolling you. Worse, the beast breaks over just a few feet of water. Literally. Just under the water's surface is a forrest of mal-formed, jagged, razor-sharp coral heads. It's taken lives in the past, and just in the last few days it has claimed many surfboards, jet-skis, bones, and a whole lot of flesh. And then, this happened.

Last weekend Teahupoo was hit with a mammoth swell, and it just happened to occur when the world's top 32 competitive surfers were there for a contest. This other footage is from August 27th, when it was arguably bigger than anyone has ever surfed it. The contest was put on hold and a crew of madmen used jet-skis to whip each other into some unfathomably massive barrels. There was a ton of carnage, but thankfully no, deaths. Un. Be. Fu. King. Lievable.[Billabong]