Jean-Claude Van Damme Finally Gets the Action Figure He Deserves

He may not have a successful film franchise like Terminator or Die Hard behind him, but Jean-Claude Van Damme is still one of the most memorable action movie stars from the past few decades. And while there have been lots of action figures made based on characters he's played, here's our first official JVCD figure that's articulate enough to do his signature splits.


The figure has a full 30 points of articulation, an incredibly life-like head sculpt, swappable hands, a tiny leather jacket, and even a cool pair of shades. And for $205 you can recreate that recent viral commercial where JVCD does the splits between two moving trucks—assuming you can find yourself a couple of scale-model Volvo semis, and don't mind download an Enya track. [Enterbay via Topless Robot]


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