Jeff Lemire and Jock's New Comic Snow Angels Ventures Into a Great Unknown

Pack a coat, where we’re going in this preview’s pretty chilly.
Pack a coat, where we’re going in this preview’s pretty chilly.
Image: Jock/Comixology

We’ve got a look inside for you today. Well, more like a look outside.

io9 has your first look at the pages of Snow Angels, a new Comixology original series pairing writer Jeff Lemire and artist Jock for the first time. The sci-fi series follows two young girls, Milliken and Mae, part of a group of humans known as The Trenchfolk—a mysterious society of people who have taken up roots inside the vast ice walls of a ginormous trench on a frozen world. The Trenchfolk don’t leave their walls, and strict rules dictate that its people never venture beyond what they believe is a seemingly endless protector.


But when Milliken and Mae find themselves drawn into an adventure that threatens to change everything they know about their existence, they’ll probably find that there’s more to life than the Trench...and that that life is a lot more dangerous and deadly than they’ve ever known. Check out a few pages from the first issue below, making their debut on io9:

Snow Angels is a 10-part series, and begins on Comixology on February 16, 2021—but you can get a taste of what to expect in a special issue zero hitting the digital comics service tomorrow, December 22.

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Looking forward to it - I don’t think there’s been anything that’s fallen out of Lemire’s brain that I haven’t loved