Jell-O’s New ‘Special Recipe’ Kit Lets You Make Jiggly Blocks That Stack Like Lego

Photo: Kraft-Heinz

Lego might be the most popular toy on Earth, but it’s about to get some stiff (jiggly?) competition from Kraft-Heinz, which just tweaked the recipe of its Jell-O gelatin mix, making it thicker and sturdier. It’s only available in new Jell-O Play kits that also include plastic molds for making squishy bricks that can be assembled like a building toy—but then eaten when playtime is over.

Photo: Kraft-Heinz

Jell-O hasn’t shared the exact details on how it changed the recipe of its iconic dessert to be “special,” but I’m sure many of us remember our parents adding an extra pack of gelatin to the mixing bowl to create ‘finger Jell-O’—that’s what we called it, anyway—which held its shape better when picked up. We’re assuming Jell-O is doing something similar now, eliminating that extra step.

Your results may vary.
Screenshot: Kraft-Heinz

In a video that accompanied the announcement of the new product, Jell-O shows its squiggly bricks being used to assemble a small house, but it’s doubtful your results will be as perfect as this CG creation. If you’ve ever tried to use one of Lego’s silicone brick molds to create your own building blocks out of food, you’re already aware that they don’t come anywhere close to the precise manufacturing tolerances of the plastic versions. In other words, it’s doubtful you’ll be making a Jell-O Voltron anytime soon, but on the plus side, if you accidentally step on a Jell-O brick, all you’ll feel is a little squish.



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