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Jenga Didn't Need a Space Invaders Version, But We'll Take It

Illustration for article titled Jenga Didnt Need a Space Invaders Version, But Well Take It

Based on an incredibly simple concept, Jenga is one of those 'board' games that will never go out of style. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for branded versions that bring something new to the table. (The table that you're trying desperately not to bump.)


Available near the end of July for about $25, the Space Invaders version adds more than just retro nostalgia, a black paintjob, and alien graphics to Jenga. It also offers a new way to play. In addition to the traditional gameplay which has you removing blocks until the tower tumbles, the Space Invaders version offers an alternative where players compete to move their invader block from the top of the tower to the bottom, based on instructions from a spinner.

What hasn't changed, though, is that the loser still has to clean up a mountain of toppled blocks, and isn't that what Jenga's really all about? [USAopoly via Blog de Bringquedo]

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OK, everyone knows the "loser cleans the board" technique, but did anyone else have like extra incentive to win? We had "loser does winners chores" and with 4 kids, this really sucked - first to lose had to do the other 3's chores. Granted, this NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED, as the person who lost usually just toppled the board ala the Russian Chess players in that Simpson episode....(someone know what I'm talking about please....) but still... So, what did you guys get for losing?