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Jesus Christ Makes His Divine Debut on American Gods by Saving Mexican Immigrants

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A few episodes back on American Gods, the mysterious Mr. Wednesday told main character Shadow Moon about the Sons of God: “Well, you got your white Jesuit-style Jesus, you got your black African Jesus, you got your brown Mexican Jesus, you got your swarthy Greek Jesus.” This Sunday, audiences will meet one of these Saviors in dramatic fashion.

This new teaser is from next week’s episode of the Starz series, which starts off with a sequence that hits right at the immigration tensions roiling through the United States right now. A group of Mexican immigrants makes a dangerous border crossing across rough waters and one traveler finds himself overwhelmed by the currents. Someone stops him from drowning, though, and it’s a someone he’s known his entire life.

Jesus Christ didn’t figure into the 2001 American Gods novel in a major way but this clip hints that the Word Made Flesh will have more of a presence on the show.