Jetblue's New Fly-Fi Brings More Wi-Fi to the Sky-Fi

Illustration for article titled Jetblues New Fly-Fi Brings More Wi-Fi to the Sky-Fi

There's nothing quite as magical as surfing the Interwebs from cruising altitude, and now you can add JetBlue to the list of airlines that will let you do it. A few years behind everyone else, mind you. The company's new, punny service "Fly-Fi" will be showing up in planes later this year.


So far details are scarce, but that hasn't kept JetBlue from promising the world. According to the announcement of the service, Fly-Fi will "be smarter, newer, faster and better than anything on the market today for commercial aviation." Watch out, Gogo! JetBlue also releaseda little video as to how it should perform, but it's yet to be tested in the air; the FAA still needs to sign off. If it's half as good as JetBlue is promising, fantastic. And if it's not, even slow Wi-Fi is better than no Wi-Fi, especially when you're flying through the air in a gigantic metal bird, right? [JetBlue]

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Isn't this the same announcement they have been issuing for three years now?

Showing Viasat Excede (a residential product) on the ground is not the same as showing it actually working on a plane. Pretty sure this is the fourth time they have announced this amazing WiFi product, without actually having a product to show for it.