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Jeweler Makes a Solid Gold Han Solo Minifig

And we thought carbon freezing looked painful...

Jeweler and all-around maker of things JerryRigEverything took a LEGO mini-fig of everyone’s favorite scoundrel smuggler and turned him into solid gold. First Han gets coated in plaster and then heated until he vaporizes. The resulting hole is filled with molten gold and then polished to a high shine. Golden Han even dukes it out with Vader in a cheeky stop-motion battle afterwards.


While burning everyone’s favorite Star Wars character in a furnace may seem cruel, Captain Solo never truly dies, he only comes back stronger—which gives us some hope about Episode VIII.


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I have a project I want to tackle that involves casting a 3D-printed acrylic pattern in bronze. The end product here seems to have pits, soft edges, and an undulating surface that I don’t want in see in my finished product. Does anybody know how to prevent this? I’m worried about my acrylic pattern not burning out cleanly and the resulting cast not being true to the original.