Jicoo Floating Bar Reminds Us of What Could Have Been

We all know that Tokyo is a gadget lover's paradise, but it just became the hippest hang out on Earth, thanks to the Jicoo Floating Bar. As Adam is off to Japan, we thought he'd need somewhere cool to chill, so Frucci; check out the oldie but goodie Floating Bar. The impressive vessel is styled in the fashion of a hulking great spaceship, and it reminds us of the lives as astronauts we gave up to become bloggers. Check out the gallery below.


The floating bar has a silent majesty about it and we want to get onboard. Perhaps we shall give it a miss, as the alternating floor color may make us break out our most rad dance moves, showing everyone else up. Unfortunately, the ferry is not bound for international waters, but instead sticks to transporting the good Japanese people to and fro. Tickets cost around $21 (2500 yen) and the galactic-based sea cruiser is available for private hire, too. If you are heading to Tokyo, don't miss it, or do, it's your choice—you really need to start making decisions for yourself. [Sci Fi Tech]

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