Johan's Ark Prepares For Its Maiden Voyage

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Dutchman Johan Huibers decided to build an ark. Not a Lego or popsicle stick model, but a real-life replica of Noah's Ark built to scale. He began his work in 2008 and recently finished this $1 million project.


The wooden ship is immense. It weighs 3,000 tons, is 450 feet long and holds 1,500 passengers. It's so big, the pine boat needs a steel hull for reinforcement. Besides people, there's room for two live chickens and some replica animals for effect.

Johan's Ark is ready for its maiden voyage down the canals of Holland. Huibers is even hoping to sail it to the Thames River for the 2012 Summer Olympics, if London lets him. [The Scuttlefish]

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I noticed a few comments saying steel didn't exist back then... technology was ... blah... blah.. back then... but everyone seems to be forgetting something very important. The world was entirely different before the flood... and the level of technology back then is unknown to the general public today. For all you know, technology could have been very advanced back then... even reaching a level equaling or exceeding "the 19th Century". After the flood.. everything was wiped out... including the world's current level of technology and the survivors has to start over.

That is something for everyone to think about... no one factored in that "reset" or the starting over bit.