John Lennon: Oh Yoko!

Today is the anniversary of the first meeting between John Lennon and Yoko Ono in a London art gallery (at least according to some versions of the story). A lot of Beatles fans would curse this day, but I'm not one of them. "Oh Yoko!" is a great tune from Lennon's Imagine.


I know everyone says McCartney was the sentimentalist, but "Oh Yoko!" is sweet and fun and sounds like how dancing in the kitchen with your partner feels when you've both had a little too much wine and you've just finished laughing at each other's jokes. It's a good song.

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Dr.Nemmo and his time-travelling submarine

I think that Yoko and John's is one of the greatest love stories of our time. The content of Lennon's songs at that time is pure, unadulterated love.

A lot of people blame Ono on the Beatles departure, but basically they were over by their last album. They had nothing more to give as a band, and that's okay. (Else you have the Rolling Stones, ew). Lennon was basically tired of the "superstar" status, of chasing money and chasing (or being chased by) women, and Ono provided a way out.

Anyways, you can argue about her quality as an artist, her music, her work, but you can't say that she wasn't truly loved by John Lennon.