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John McAfee Has Finally Been Arrested

Illustration for article titled John McAfee Has Finally Been Arrested

According to Reuters, John McAfee has finally been arrested by the police. The anti-virus kingpin has spent the past few weeks on the run from authorities in Belize for his connection with a murder and the general craziness of his life down there.


Robert King, the Vice photographer who accidentally revealed where McAfee was hiding, also says on Twitter that McAfee has been arrested:


McAfee, who has been seeking asylum in Guatemala, has apparently been arrested by the police in Guatemala. It's an interesting twist as Belize (Guatemala's neighboring country) is the country that wants him for questioning. According to interior minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla, McAfee was arrested for illegally entering Guatemala and that Guatemala "will seek to expel" McAfee from their country. [Reuters]

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If a central american country can arrest McAfee for entering the country illegally, why can't we arrest central americans who enter the US illegally, hmm? I don't hear anybody calling for a boycott of Guatemala over this...