John McAfee Is Back on US Soil

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John McAfee's been deported from Guatemala, and has arrived back in the US. An American Airlines commercial jet carrying McAfee landed in Miami last night.


The Washington Post reports that he's holed up in a hotel in Miami's smart South Beach neighborhood, citing a blog post by McAfee—which has now been edited. The WaPo explains:

He said he arrived by taxi after a group of customs or immigration agents, he didn't know which, escorted him to an airport taxi stand... "I have no phone, no money, no contact information," the post said.

The post has now been edited, to ask the media to respect John's privacy for the evening. It remains rather unclear what will happen now. [Washington Post, Who Is MaAfee]


Bring Back Duckman!

Isn't he also in trouble with the law over here? He should've ran to some island in the Caribbean instead.