Jon Stewart Trashes Black Friday, Succumbs to Lego Millennium Falcon

If you didn't watch Jon Stewart yesterday, check out his hilarious take on Black Friday, recession, and people's stupidity fighting for silly things. His purchases: a wobble-headed C-3PO doll and, get ready, the Lego Millennium Falcon*.


* Don't you dare ask about that again.



Curse it all. I'll say it if no one else will. Jesus... wha'happened?

A wise man (Charly Gordon?) once claimed that "with great power comes great responsibility." After watching your excitement—and organizational how-to videos—regarding Man's Greatest LEGO Kit, I endeavored to follow in your footsteps and do likewise. And dontcha think lil' Jonny Stewart reads Gizmodo? Sure he does. Do you want to let him down, too?

I've soldiered on, but just barely. My sad truth: life would be just a little sweeter if I could see the Falcon assembled by the great JD.