Sorting the 5,195 Pieces of the Millennium Falcon Gives Strange Pleasure, Back Pain

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If the first time you saw all those bags you thought the LEGO Millennium Falcon was big, it's not big. It's HUGE. Like some of you asked for, I spent four hours and nine minutes sorting all the pieces out to make the construction easier. The condensed video shows the complexity and giganormous size of this LEGO set. And in the process, I discovered many things:

• You don't know what 5,195 pieces mean until you sort them out.

• There are some weird looking pieces I've never seen in my life (but maybe that's because I haven't done LEGO in a few years.)

• I hate you all for suggesting this.

• Nah, I actually enjoyed it.

• Yes, I'm a dork with probably has a latent obsessive compulsive disorder.

• I have a big back pain.

• Apart from being able tear apart Imperial Stormtroopers and reindeers, LEGO Chewbacca can be cute (and he growls in the vid.)

• I like stupid video endings.

• But this is still the best LEGO set ever and the best Xmas (or birthday or anniversary or just-because-I-love-you) present you can get to anyone who likes to build things.


The only thing I wonder know is if spending 4 hours in sorting the pieces is going to pay later. You will discover it very soon. [LEGO]