Josh Trank Has a Defense of Fantastic Four

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Director Josh Trank put this tweet up today, implying that Fox is to blame for the response Fantastic Four is getting. He deleted the tweet shortly after posting it.


The reviews for Fantastic Four are not good, and it seems that Trank was driven to explain that the way it turned out wasn’t his fault. It was the studio and the changes that had the movie in doing reshoots just this past April. It could very well be that Trank was thrown under the bus for it all and this tweet is true.

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After seeing the movie, I’m inclined to believe him. His original vision might have made a great movie albeit a horrible Fantastic Four adaptation - (and I’m not talking casting, there are some wtf characterizations that make no sense). You can literally see/feel the moment when the studio stepped in and went “hey, comicbook movie not Cronenberg tribute”.

And man is it bad.... really, really bad. This movie has no fcking middle. There’s literally no second act, and I have never experienced that in all my movie watching life. At this point, I’m more likely to believe Fox intentionally torpedoed the movie. It’s absolutely surreal.