Joss Whedon explains why even The Avengers's outtakes matter, plus Nicolas Cage's skull will explode... IN 3D!!!

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Joss Whedon writes scenes that he knows will never make the finished Avengers — but they're still important. James Marsters will lead Syfy's team of unimpressive superheroes. Plus Ghost Rider 2, V, Smallville, Never Let Me Go and The Hobbit.


The Avengers:

The Sydney Morning Herald has an excellent overview of the trials and tribulations of Joss Whedon's career, but at least it has a happy ending (for now), what with him directing The Avengers and all. He says that this is the job "I've waited for my whole life" and shares some details on his writing process for the film:

"Right now I'm working on a movie that's got enormous stipulations and is going to be changing and fluid every second. I've come up with dozens of scenes and lines and exchanges and monologues that I adore that are not going to be in it. But while I'm writing them they feed me, excite me and they ultimately inform the character. It all goes in."

[The Sydney Morning Herald]

Transformers 3:

An ABC Chicago news report notes that Kevin Dunn and Julie White, who play Sam's parents, are in town for filming, which suggests they feature at the end of the movie in some capacity. [TFLAMB]

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura explained why they've spent so much time filming in Chicago:

"It's funny, we keep extending it here because we're having such a good time, to tell you the truth. We were supposed to leave a few days ago, actually, and we kept extending it. Right now, around September 1st, but if we have any say in it, we'll keep staying here."


Not sure if that means they're simply doing a lot of additional photography, shooting more scenes in Chicago than they had originally intended and having the city stand in for other locations, or even adding new stuff (probably the first, but you never know), but at least it explains why I thought they had finished Chicago filming at least two or three times now. [Chicago Breaking News Center]

Twilight - Breaking Dawn:

Summit Entertainment says they may abandon their plans to film part of the movie in Rio de Janeiro due to a recent hotel shootout in which 35 tourists were taken hostage. Brazilian officials are hoping to convince the filmmakers to stay. No word on where they might relocate to if they don't film scenes in Rio. [AFP]


The Hobbit:

No, there's no news, and no rumors, but there's rumors of news. (Or maybe it's news of rumors. No, no, rumors of news, definitely.) Peter Jackson recently said that MGM appears to be making good progress on sorting out its hellish bankruptcy fiasco, and there should be more certainty on The Hobbit soon. So...we might know something soon, possibly. [The Dominion Post]


Never Let Me Go:

Here are some artsy posters for the British cloning drama that stars Sally Sparrow, the new Spider-Man, and Keira Knightley. [CinemaBlend] [gallery 5622185]


Ghost Rider 2:

The sequel to the wildly unacclaimed 2007 movie teams Nicolas Cage and Crank masterminds Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor in what will either be the awesomest or the stupidest movie ever made (or, hopefully, both). It turns out their insanity can't be contained to just two dimensions - the film will shoot in 3D. [Hot News]



This season will reportedly introduce us to two members of Casey's old Special Ops team. They will apparently have shades of Justin Long and John Hodgman's personae from the "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" commercials. [TV Guide]


Warehouse 13:

Here's the promo for next week's episode, "Vendetta": [SpoilerTV] Click to view

Three Inches:

James Marsters has been cast as Troy, the leader of a team of people with entertainingly useless superpowers. (The main character Walter has the ability to move anything up to three inches with his mind, hence the title.) No word yet on what powers Troy will have, but I say they should just make him Captain John from Torchwood. Because really, has there ever been a more entertainingly useless character than Captain John? [Digital Spy]



Elizabeth Mitchell discussed the upcoming season in a recent interview. She explained, with a look of relief that was maybe just a tad too obvious:

"It's so much better. We kinda set the groundwork's off and running, which I needed it to be. And it's more fun for me."


She also explained that her character is a lot more intense this year, and does things that apparently left three men utterly shocked. (That's her metric for intensity by the way, not mine. I might need to start using it though.) [E! Online]

And here are some set pics from the season premiere, "Red Rain": [SpoilerTV] [gallery 5622200]



According to executive producer Kelly Souders, there's a twist in the premiere that:

"rocks [Clark's] world and sends him on a different trajectory... He realizes that he's not the guy that everybody looks to when they think of Superman, an inspirational totally pure-hearted guy. That's not who Clark Kent is right now, and that becomes very clear to him."


[TV Guide]

And here are some new photos from the set: [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth and Charlie Jane Anders.




Three inches isn't something to brag about let alone make a TV series about.

What? It's about useless superheroes (aka Heroes) not about a guy with a small wang?