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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Jotly for iPhone: Rate EVERYTHING

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What do you think about that restaurant? More importantly, what you do think about that spoon over there? Or, maybe that plant next to the door. Seriously, that plant is starting to piss me off. Thankfully I can tell the world what a huge ass that plant is with the Jotly app. Use the app to rate anything. Anything! I'm rating this keyboard right now. My God it's filthy.

What's it do?

Jotly takes a photo of an object, or person—anything really—and lets you give it a rating from A+ to F-. Give what you're rating a description and a name and you're done. You can push your ratings to Twitter and Facebook if you want your friends to know how awesome that piece of cheese was.


Why do we like it?

Simply rating restaurants, bars and ice cream parlors is boring. I'm more interested in judging the little things in life, like door knobs, fellow writers, and my jerk of a cat. The app was developed as a joke, making fun of our desire to rate and share every person, place and thing we encounter. Joke or no joke, it's fun. There are a few issues. Once you turn on location services to find nearby Jotly posts, if you post something, it auto-locates you and shares that location. Awesome when you're out and about, but not so cool when you're at home. Also, you can't follow your favorite Jotly reviewers. B+



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