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Juicer Hugs Countertops, But Look Out!

Illustration for article titled Juicer Hugs Countertops, But Look Out!

This design concept for a juicer by Gibli Ortal is quite beautiful, but perhaps its creator didn't realize that it might end up in a rather precarious location. It certainly seems like a great place for a juicer, hugging the countertop right there within easy reach. But, uh, it could end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


It must have some sort of grippy backing underneath its lovely L-shaped form, holding it in place, and then when you're done with that it takes up very little space hanging on the wall and generally looking pretty:

Illustration for article titled Juicer Hugs Countertops, But Look Out!

Just don't bend over. We heard yesterday that a large percentage of people clean their houses in the nude, but we wouldn't want to back into this thing while scrubbing the floor, especially when it's running at full tilt. [Apartment Therapy]

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>Cut to scene in Emergency Department

Caller: "I was in the kitchen, making some juice... No, my pants were in the dryer."

ED Nurse: "And then what happened?"

Caller: " Well, I slipped."

ED Nurse:"Can you remove it yourself?"

Caller: "No, I don't think I can get it out."

ED Nurse: "Can you hold?"

Caller: "Yes, I'll hold"

>End scene with howling laughter...