Julian Assange: You're All Screwed

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Yesterday we reported how Wikileaks has uncovered a global network of surveillance companies for hire. Now Assange is telling it like it is.


Talking at a press conference, which you can watch here, he explained that "the reality is intelligence contractors are selling, right now, to countries across the world, mass surveilance systems for [iPhone, Blackberry and Gmail]."

He's right: we probably are all screwed. Keep in touch with the latest on the big privacy story of the moment, Carrier IQ, here. [The Guardian; Image: New Media Days]

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I have nothing to hide. At least, not that I will publish to the internet anyway. Really.. I don't get all the paranoia about privacy. YOU have control of which personal information is published. YOU are the one sharing sensitive information or pictures that you'll be sorry later. If you have something to fear, it's your fault. If it's not online, there's no way that a private, sensitive information will be accessed or made available to the public.