Just Add Water To Grow This DIY Concrete Garden Furniture

Everyone knows it's important to water the garden, but what about watering the furniture? Normally, that might just be proof of insanity, but if you plant a few of these of these customizable chairs, it's just the first step to growing a nice crop of outdoor stools.

Designed by Itay Kirshenbaum, "Betzavta" is a design project that aims to turn garden furniture into a simple but DIY affair. Each oddly-shaped canvas bag is filled with a mix of concrete powder, and when it's time to get building, you use a hose to soak it through the canvas bag. From there, you can use a couple of support wires built into the bag to sculpt it into a chair-like form while it takes about 24 hours to set. Then—boom—fully functional garden furniture.


Of course there are some downsides, most notably that these stools are are ugly as sin. That, and having a customizable garden stool isn't exactly crucial; you wouldn't be missing out on much if you opted for a stack of cinderblocks instead. This kind of quick-dry concrete is being put to other, more important uses though, like concrete disaster tents; the DIY garden stools are just a bonus. And you have to admit it's a novel idea, and a pretty good feature set for a plain ol' bag of concrete. [Designboom]

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