Just Bite the Bullet and Buy Your Dad a Real Belt

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For most men, it takes a long time to buy a real belt. The first belt, you just have. Who knows where it came from. Dad? Then, you outgrow it. You shop for a real belt, and realize they cost at least a hundred bucks. You balk. You turn to canvas, nylon, and other odd, makeshift belts.


Listen: Don't waste time with the cheap belts. Just buy a real one. Buy one like Rancourt's American-made Brown Chromexcel. Yes, it's $95. That's a lot. But think about it. Wear it every day, and you're down near a quarter per use within the first year.

Besides, you'll get way more than a year out of it. Belts are not cameras or laptops. They do not become obsolete. The right belt will last you a lifetime (or at least until you get too fat for it). As modern technology goes, belts are future-proof. Unless textile engineers devise some crazy hover pants that hold themselves up on their own, belts are here to stay.


So upgrade your britches with this fine strap of Maine leather. Or buy it for your dad next week. It just might make up for giving him that pack of paper towels on Father's Day.

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Well I am not opposed to spending money on a good belt. The problem with ANY belt is that they do wear out after a while. Part of that is due to man's ever expanding waistline which stresses the leather around the holes on the end of the best. It will also depend on what sort of environment you wear the belt in. If it's humid or rainy the leather will wear out after a while. If you're not careful you can scratch the leather which can make the belt look unattractive.

And contrary to what the author thinks, belts do go out of style. One year wide belts are in, next year it's thin belts. Big buckles, small buckles and so one. Not to mention that your belt needs to match your shoes. Black is pretty easy but brown comes in many different shades and can be hard to match. Don't even get me started on cordovan. LOL