Just How Rich Is the TSA Getting From Your Forgotten Change?

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You thought your couch was finally paying off when you found a dollar between the cushions last week? Well according to NBC's San Diego affiliate, in 2010 the TSA made over $400,000 from change forgotten in those security bins.


I assumed the money would be just pocketed by the nearest TSA agent, but apparently they do everything they can to return it to its rightful owner before sending if off to the finance office. From there it's used for general expenses and covering operating costs like lightbulbs, since the amount of forgotten change varies from year to year.

The most profitable airport in the United States was JFK in New York, raking in over $46,000 in 2010. That's over twice the amount that travelers passing through LAX had forgotten. So in the future try and be more mindful when passing through security, because every coin you leave behind just helps those folks who make air travel so enjoyable these days. [NBC via Slashdot]



Honesly I have a hard time believing TSA is worse than the airport security in any other country.

Sure, in my sense americans are slightly more paranoid regarding stuff like security than most other places I've been to, but it can't be that bad? Right?

I guess I'll find out when I'll go to Minneapolis in March. I'll have to pass through both Newark and Minneapolis International! Maybe I won't have to deal with TSA when I'm transferring through Newark, but since I'm coming from Europe I probably have. I'll see that when I'm there.