Illustration for article titled Just Imagine the Fun Youd Have With a 4mm Gun Hidden Inside a Zippo

This tiny 6mm 4mm gun hidden inside a Zippo lighter may not be as dollhouse-cute as the small-as-matches guns from Russia, but there's definitely a touch of James Bond to this lighter-gun.


Instead of a wick for lighting the flame, there's a barrel for shooting the tiny bullets out of. And instead of the button that activates the lighter, there's a trigger. Whoever accepts a light off the owner of this gun, which sold at auction for almost $7,000 back in 2006, beware—you may just find you shoot your nose off instead. [Collectorebooks via The Fancy via OhGizmo]


UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Bombastinator, who pointed out the auction site listed the bullet size wrong: "the caliber is not 6mm but "4mm kurtz" (short) Which makes these bullets about the size of a .18 caliber air rifle pellet."

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