You're an attractive guy. You workout. You like to take semi-nude to full-nude pictures of yourself. Oh, and you own an iPhone!

Guys with iPhones is a site celebrating the love of a man and his iPhone in its rawest, most sensual form. Sometimes while shaving. Sometimes while posing. Sometimes while donning camouflage briefs. Always while making a "you know you want it" face coupled with an underlying insecurity of "does he/she prefer me...or the iPhone?"

Now I don't look at a lot of homo-techno-sexual pornography, but when I do, it's Guys with iPhones. [Guys with iPhones via The Register]

Oh, and if you're into that sort of thing, there's a Girls with iPhones site as well. The photo collection is both less populated and less evocative than Guys with iPhones because, well, women generally detect when they look stupid.