Just Watched the Trailer for the First Hulu Scripted Series and…

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The trailer for Hulu's first scripted original series, Battleground, is here, and it doesn't bode well. Too bad. We still have high hopes for the future of online television. After all, the trailer for Netflix's Lilyhammer is excellent. Updated below


The trailer for Battleground proves that the margin for error is as razor thin online as everywhere else. Battleground depicts the trials of a floundering Senate campaign, but unfortunately, it's not quite the comedy we were promised. In fact, there isn't a single good laugh in the trailer. It just oozes hackneyed tropes and bad acting. We can only hope that the series will be better when it premieres in February. Watch for yourself below. [Business Insider]

Update: 3:15
We just spoke to the folks at Hulu who wanted everyone to know that contrary to initial reports, Battleground isn't supposed to be a comedy at all. It's what Hulu wants us to call a "dramedy," which is a drama with elements of comedy. So that explains the lack of laughs. Does it make the trailer better? We'll leave it up to you.


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I posted this in the comments on the other article about this. Seems appropriate to repost, and append...

In case anyone is wondering, here's the cast listing from the PR release:

Cast includes: Jay Hayden ("Chris 'Tak' Davis"); Teri Reeves ("Kara 'KJ' Jamison"); Jack DeSena ("Cole Graner"); Ben Samuel ("Ben Werner"); Lindsey Payne ("Lindsey Cutter"); Jordan T. Maxwell ("Jordan T. Mosley") and Alison Haislip ("Ali Laurents").

Is it a tell that 3 people's character name is the same as their actual name, and another one is just a shorter version?

Yes, apparently it is telling that the majority of the main cast have the same character name as their actual name.*

* IMO, it is always a red flag when an actor/actress has the same character name.