JVC DR-MV7S Upscales VHS—VH...What?

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Maybe if I had a time machine I could go back in time to figure out what the hell VHS is. Apparently it was a black box that you insert into a deck and it played movies? Then you had to...rewind it? What the f.

Well whatever this nonsense is, you can now watch it in semi-HD with this upscaling combination VHS/DVD-recorder from JVC. It will upscale VHS to 1080i that will likely look mediocre at best, especially if home movies are being watched. Also, if you feel so intrigued, the player can record your crappy VHS recordings of The Golden Girls onto DVD. But, easily the coolest aspect of this $270 player is the fact that you can now tell people that you watched your Jurrasic Park VHS through HDMI.


VCR lets you upscale VHS to HD; no one cares [SCI FI]