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JVC Introduces The Clapper TV

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In addition to their mean-looking 180Hz LCD, JVC has introduced another display technology in progress at this year's CEATEC. Specifically, it's a TV that responds to claps and gestures, or "handclap & gesture recognition TV" as it's officially labeled. Here's a little channel surfing scenario to demonstrate:

You clap your hands 3 times to bring up a round menu screen. A set top camera then tracks your hand, transforming it into a cursor. To click a button, the user just hooks their finger (ala signaling someone has a tiny wiener). Easy!


Users can also control functions like the volume just by clapping in set sequences. The convenience here is lost on us, save maybe for...we can't think of any handicap that favors clapping over a basic remote control, even with your gross imaginations.

So we're not sure if this EyeToyesque technology is really any better than a standard remote control. Actually, we're pretty sure it's not. But we love superfluous features, if only to scare the neighbors into thinking we don't mow our lawn regularly because, in the future, plants have overtaken Earth and to harm them is a crime punishable by death. [techon via bgr]