JVC Rolls Out Four 1080p TVs that Run Faster and Jump Higher

JVC just rolled out even more HDTVs, and these are 1080p models with better specs and lower prices that the company's former cheapest models. The lowest-priced entries in this value line are the 688 series, available this month with 37"( LT-37X688, $1600) and 42" (LT-42X688, $2000) screens, and these feature JVC's latest black cabinetry and some whiz-bang circuitry that tries to make their pictures even sharper. The fancy-schmancy entry is the 788 series (pictured above), blasting out faster response time, a higher contrast ratio and wider viewing angle. Those will be out next month in 42" (LT-42X788, $2100) and 47" (LT-47X788, $2700) screen sizes.


All four sets are brought up to date with a couple of HDMI 1.3 inputs, and JVC has also reworked the remote control, an illuminated universal remote with two infrared transmitters on board so you won't have that point it directly at the set for it to work. The company's also added a USB port, letting you plug in a thumb drive or camcorder and watch those videos and pics directly on the screen. These TVs are a definite improvement over their predecessors, but we'll wait for those crispy-sweet 120Hz sets JVC's loading up for this fall.

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