JVC to Rock Three Next-Gen 120Hz 1080p TVs This Fall

JVC announced Clear Motion Drive II (CMD II), second-gen 120Hz technology that blasts creamy-smooth frames out of LCD displays at a blistering pace, double that of garden-variety 60Hz LCD screens.

The company says the motion interpolation in CMD II is five times better than its 720p predecessor. The new technique was designed specifically for 1080p displays. JVC plans to use CMD II in its High Speed 2 series, with the first three LCD displays to be rolled out this fall, including a 37-inch, a 42-inch, and a 47-inch LCD, all with three HDMI 1.3 inputs.


How does this CMD II stuff work, anyway, and will it actually do any good?

JVC cranks up the frame rate to 120Hz using a two-pronged approach. First, each of the 60Hz frames is doubled, and then motion interpolation is applied to each doubled frame, automagically finding a compromise between one frame and the next.

Wow, it's actually "tweening" those missing frames, and doing a better job of it than before, too. With JVC's previous technology, the interpolation detected only horizontal motion, but this latest CMD II technique detects movement in all directions and interpolates the frames accordingly. JVC says the result is less blurring of moving images.

Since Sharp's frame interpolation didn't do much, we're skeptical. This we gotta see. Also, JVC tells us there's no 24p input support on these new TVs, so they won't be able to take advantage of that spiffy new 24p output on some Pioneer and Samsung Blu-ray players. While the difference is theoretical, it seems like a good idea to take those 24 frames per second and multiply by 5: 24 x 5 = 120Hz. In theory.


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