JVC rolled out the TH-L1 entertainment surround system designed to plug into gaming consoles, and it's iPod friendly, too. But gaming is not all it does. Even though it costs $299.95, this 5.1 setup still has two HDMI inputs and rocks out 40 watts per channel for the two front speakers, 100 watts for the center channel and subwoofer and 40 more watts for each of its two rear speakers.

Heck, that's a lot of power for such a small unit, where each of the five surround speakers are just 4-inch cubes. Looks like a lot of sound for very little money. Here's JVCs press release:


New TH-L1 Offers Powerful Connections for Surround Sound Enjoyment of
Gaming Systems, iPods® and More


WAYNE, NJ, June 27, 2007 - JVC's newest addition to its audio lineup is a compact entertainment surround system designed to bring a high-powered, multi-channel home theater audio experience to game systems and the full variety of digital audio/video devices, including the latest generation of iPods®.

A complete digital entertainment center designed to complement the latest video game consoles, the TH-L1 delivers high power and sound processing without taking up a large amount of space. The TH-L1 is comprised of five small, cubic speakers, a subwoofer and a main unit that features 360 watts, 5.1-channel surround decoding and a full complement of inputs and outputs.

The main unit, which stands vertically and is not much larger than a Manhattan telephone book, provides Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding. HDTV owners will appreciate the receiver's 1080p-compatible HDMI switching provided by two HDMI inputs and an HDMI output. This allows users to switch between two high-definition sources, such as a gaming console and high-def disc player, while maintaining pristine picture quality for both.


For gaming, the TH-L1 delivers a highly realistic sound field that places gamers in the middle of the action offering a competitive advantage by allowing them to hear enemies that may not be visible on the screen. The same crisp surround sound experience turns a stand-alone DVD player into a powerful home theater. Power ratings are 40 watts per channel for the two front channels, 100 watts for the center channel, 40 watts per channel for the two rear channels and 100 watts for the subwoofer.

The system's five speakers are four-inch cubes - small enough for easy integration into a room while remaining discrete. In addition, they can be easily hung on the wall. The 6-5/16-inch subwoofer is in a cabinet that measures roughly 10 x 11 x 6 (W x H x D) inches, so it, too, is easily accommodated.

Expanded Connectivity for Multiple Entertainment Devices
What the TH-L1 does for video gaming it can also do for a wide range of digital audio/video players, with a full complement of inputs and outputs for connection to multiple digital entertainment devices. The TH-L1 offers a front panel iPod connection that provides charging and control of play, pause skip and search. The sound is routed through the system's 5.1-channel speaker system, and with Dolby Pro Logic II, even two-channel material gets the surround sound treatment. Video is sent to a connected display via an S-Video or composite output.


A front USB Host input allows playback of files from most flash digital audio players, and even from most USB storage devices. It offers playback compatibility with MP3, WMA, WAV (PCM), MPEG4 and JPEG files, so it can handle music, stills and video.

Rear panel connections include two component inputs, two composite inputs, two S-Video inputs and two digital (one optical, one coaxial) audio inputs. Additional rear panel connections include a component video output. A third set of composite, S-Video and digital (optical) audio inputs reside on the front panel along with one composite video output and one S-Video output.

The JVC TH-L1 is available immediately and sells for about $299.95.

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