Kate Beckinsale Will Catsuit Up For a Fifth Underworld Movie

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Underworld, that movie franchise that flies under the radar but somehow is on its fifth movie, is returning with Kate Beckinsale as Selene. They’ve also tapped Anna Foerster to direct.


For awhile, rumor had it that Beckinsale was done with Underworld and that the fifth film would focus on Theo James’ character, David. It sounds like the film’s story hasn’t changed too radically, because James is still going to be in Underworld 5 and Cory Goodman’s (Priest) script will still be used. Supposedly it’ll follow a “younger generation of vampires and werewolves who are locked in a seemingly never-ending battle between supernatural races.”

Back at New York Comic Con, Len Wiseman said that there were two Underworld movies in production, as well as a TV series. He also said that one of the films could have Beckinsale back. Presumably, the “younger generation” bit in this film relates the other film that’s in development. Which begs the question about just what the status of the TV show is.

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Veras Gunn

Looking the comments here I have to wonder when did this series become something notable? I remember hating this movie when I was dragged to it for my own birthday, I highly doubt the sequels were much worse. I wonder how much of it is seeing Kate Beckinsale in a leather jumpsuit that keeps bringing people back.