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Earlier this year, Katie Boehret, known as Walt Mossberg's sidekick, started penning the WSJ's Mossberg Solution columns solo. Is Katherine "Katie" Boehret, who began as an reporting assistant and source of color-commentary in Mossberg's columns, being groomed to take over the most powerful job in Gadget Journalism?

Katie Boehret, at first glance, seemed like an unlikely hire as Mossberg's reporting assistant and protege. By simple measures, the unassuming, green, and friendly Katie played an extreme and unlikely foil to the gruff, veteran, teddybear. She had next to no gadget journalism background at all, and her gender sticks out like a sore thumb in the field known for having slightly better diversity than a boy's locker room. (See: Gizmodo.) Yet, It's pretty obvious that the Godfather choose her specifically for those reasons.


I assume, from a few short meetings, that she didn't play dungeons and dragons, build PCs in her parent's basement, or trade high school sports for video games. That might seem at first like a lack of qualification, but with gadgets and consumer tech becoming more and more mainstream, it makes sense to have a non-hardcore geek talking about this stuff. It's out of the dark of people's basements and into the harsh, burning light of the sun, and we need someone adequately equipped to handle the change.

Is it possible the Mossberg Solution will one day be the Boehret Solution? It's certainly possible. What other rising stars are there in this field? These are the folks that shape the face of the consumer electronics industry nearly as much as the gadget makers themselves, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.