KCRW Music Mine for iPad: Play DJ for the World's Best Radio Station

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KCRW, if you're not familiar is a LA-area public radio station. KCRW, if you are familiar is a wonderful place to discover new music and new bands. It's like the corner of the radio that hasn't been pummeled with noisemakers and hype machines.


What's it do?

KCRW Music Mine app is more about the music of KCRW than listening to KCRW itself. Once you fire up the app, you're able to access the music of a 100 different musicians and bands, handpicked by KCRW DJs and updated daily to match the KCRW on air playlists. So instead of just listening to a feed of the radio station, you basically get a curated slice of the KCRW catalog on your iPad. The UI is laid out in a grid where you can swipe around, pan out and in and tap to play songs. It's a little confusing to keep track of what you listened to and what you didn't, but the selection of music is so great it hardly matters. If you're interested in the specific artist, you can find more information about them, other songs, videos, etc with another tap. So in a nutshell, it's like being able to play DJ at KCRW on your iPad.


Why do we like it?

I'll be honest here, I don't have the curiosity or patience to discover new music. Or at least, I don't like to go out of my way to do so. I call it a passive enjoyment of music. The KCRW app is great because it does so much of the work for me: their "approved" list of music is all in the iPad and I just twirl it around and run into stuff. It's like I have good taste in music without even trying. What I'd really enjoy is if I could save the songs I enjoy in some sort of favorites list. Also, the grid UI is pretty but not exactly functional when it comes to keeping track of what's what. I get that it follows the motif of discovery but I'd prefer something a lot more boring. It does support Airplay though! And there's so much content that even the most hardcore listener won't get bored.

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KCRW Music Mine

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The Best

KCRW! Awesome new music

The Worst

UI gets tiresome


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MAKE2 Mifune

KCRW has been on my radio dial ever since I discovered the station many moons ago. Now I donate to them every year and am a long time cookbook club benefits recipient. Evil socialist public radio. So good.