Keep This Altoids Tin Martini Kit On You at All Times

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I will say this up front: I like projects that stuff cool things in little Altoids tins. Don't know why! I just do. But I think we can all get behind this one, which puts a martini in your pocket.

Now that the Era of the FourLoko has drawn to its (unfortunate, premature) close, we're back to drinking all the old favorites. Like beer. And whisky. And martinis. This guide will show you how you can cram everything you need for one into an Altoids kin, so you'll never be left high and dry. THE BAD KIND OF DRY, I mean!


As Spookylean, the creator of the Altoid tin martini explains, "There are many Altoids tin survival kits out there, but only one contains what you really need in an emergency." [Instructables via Laughing Squid]